People with failed marriages are not bad people

Do not judge a person by his/her marital status; it is not indicative of his/her character.

I made that quote up.

It came up as I overheard two women talking about other women. “Most of them are separated from their husbands,” they said in such disapproving tones.

You would think that in this millenium, people would start to think differently.

I, who am still quite married and never been divorced, am quite offended for these women. Why should being separated from their husbands put them in a negative light? We don’t know what kind of husbands they have, or what situations they were in.

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How my husband tricks me into doing chores

I think my husband may have outsmarted me into doing some household chores.


See, I’m not housewife material. My family is fortunate enough to have always had house help ever since we were born, so growing up we have always had the luxury of having someone else attend to our daily needs (In case you didn’t know, it is quite normal for a middle-class family in my country to have house help. Other, more privileged families have more than one employee). And unlike most girls, I hate cooking. I cannot stand the heat emanating from the stove, and besides I can’t identify ingredients. The most that I do is help out washing the dishes occasionally (which I didn’t mind as much because the water was cool) and reorganizing my own closet and bookshelf (which almost always triggers an asthma attack).

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