Pregnancy, Censorship, and Book Shopping

Since finding out about my pregnancy and learning that babies feel what mommies feel, I’ve decided to hold off on my consumption of upsetting things. This put watching ‘Criminal Minds‘ and ‘Game of Thrones‘ on hold.

Unfortunately, the last remaining book I had which I hadn’t read yet was Isabel Allende‘s “The Island Beneath the Sea.” While it’s not a novel meant to be upsetting, it does paint a pretty good picture of slavery. I made it all the way to page 106 of 582, and then I decided I had enough. I put the book down.

But then, I had a new dilemma. I had nothing — absolutely nothing — to read.
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Inspiration and Motivation: Arlene Sy-Salva

In my What? page, I mentioned that I used to draw, write, read, and play the piano. With the except of the last one, most of my hobbies are things I picked up due to influence from people around me. I am blessed to have been surrounded by amazing, talented people — and in my awe of their greatness, I am inspired and motivated to be as good as they are. They are my idols.

I think I have found my latest idol. Seeing her works makes me want to go to and buy myself some pencils again. Meet Arlene Sy-Salva.

Portrait of a baby, using watercolor. By Arlene Sy-Salva.
Artwork by Arlene Sy-Salva. Isn’t it gorgeous? I want one too for my baby.

Her style is so delicate and dreamy, I can’t even form a coherent paragraph on how her art makes me go ‘awwww’ inside.

Check out her website,, for more of her work!

"Emily" by Arlene-Sy-Salva
“Emily” by Arlene-Sy-Salva
"Red Ribbons" by Arlene Sy-Salva
“Red Ribbons” by Arlene Sy-Salva

The Temptation of Convenience

I confess: I’m tempted to purchase a pocket camera.

I’ve had a Canon pocket camera from 2007, up until 2010. I’ve carried it everywhere I went, and uploaded hundreds of photos from it to Multiply and Facebook. I’ve even managed to take some great shots, but mostly with great light. In low-light settings, I can’t seem to get the shot I wanted. As my captions prove, I’ve lusted after a DSLR. “Only if I had a much more powerful camera…” then maybe there wouldn’t be as much noise or blur….

And so when my then-boyfriend-now-husband gave me a Nikon D3100 as a gift in 2010, I was thrilled! It’s what I’ve wanted for years! I took it everywhere I went, read tons of articles on how to use it beyond the ‘auto’ mode, and even managed to get some great shots. I’m still amazed sometimes that I was able to produce such gems.

My Nikon D3100
My Nikon D3100

So why am I even thinking about getting a pocket camera?

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LSS: “For Good” by Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth

It’s been said that babies in wombs can already hear things. Most mommies class it up and play classical music to their bellies. I, on the other hand, put together a playlist  of my favorite songs  from animated movies, stage musicals, and musical films. Out of these songs, this one is turning out to be my favorite.

It’s my LSS (Last Song Syndrome). I hear it once, and I keep singing it over and over and over. Especially in the shower.

Great Expectations

I confess, I haven’t been very diligent in writing these days. The past few months have been a whirlwind for me. Many things have happened — themes of travel, work, and family — and those give me a lot of topics to write about. This one, however, trumps them all:

Little One at 13 Weeks
Little One at 13 Weeks

Yes, we’re expecting! Little one is about 15 weeks old as of now (ultrasound was taken a couple weeks ago), and we’re all excited. My siblings are arguing over whether little one is a boy or a girl. My mom doesn’t really care, as long as little one looks like her. My husband also doesn’t care, as long as little one gets my nose, haha.

Now, this won’t magically transform this a-little-bit-of-everything blog into a motherhood blog, but do expect a lot of baby-related posts to come about soon.