Jan 2017 Movie Report

Going to the cinema is often the how we spend date nights. This January, we had the opportunity to watch the following films.

  1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Movie (IMDB)
    I am by no means a Star Wars fanatic (I haven’t watched Episode 5 and Episode 6), but I am interested in watching all the films from this franchise.
  2. Passengers (IMDB)
    When we saw the trailers for this movie, we genuinely thought it was going to be a sci-fi thriller, but it turned out to be more romance than we anticipated.
  3. La La Land (IMDB)
    Because of all the awards. More my choice than his.
  4. xXx: Return of Xander Cage (IMDB)
    Obviously not my choice of film, but since he humoured my request to watch La La Land, I consented to this one. I didn’t watch the original film, but I was still able to understand most of it.


I actually wanted to watch one more film, Arrival, but I can’t get him to agree on this one.


My 2016 Reading Challenge


Gong Xi Fa Cai!

I intended to write this post at the end of 2016, but, uh… procrastination. Anyway, here it is!


Every year since 2014, I joined the Goodreads Reading Challenge and set a goal for myself. My target has been consistent throughout the years: 12 books over 12 months. Realistically, I do not manage to stick to a 1 book: 1 month schedule, but I do (eventually) manage to complete my 12 books: 1 year challenge by the year-end. (Tip: the young adult genre is my go-to for quick reads)

This year, however, was different. This year, I over-achieved by completing 16 books. Yes, I read 4 books more than my target! I amazed even myself!

It’s tempting to set this as the new target number for my 2017 challenge, but I’m worried that it’s too ambitious. So I set my 2017 as I had done in the past: 12 books only.

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The thing(s) about blogging (a.k.a. why my blogs are dead)

It’s been months since I blogged. I keep more than one, but I hardly update them.

The thing about blogging is that it takes commitment and work. And I am terribly lazy.

I realized that the only reason I liked to “blog” in my college years was mostly because I wanted to keep on redesigning my personal website. But once that’s done, the blogging slacks off. So I was more of a web designer than a real content generator (back then, at least).

Content generation takes an awful lot of work. Writing is one thing, photo editing is another. In fact, for my now-defunct travel blog, photo editing was 90% of the work. It was so time consuming, I hated doing it.

Is that why your travel blog is now dead?

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Musicals and I

Recently, my husband and I had our 5th year wedding anniversary. On the day itself, we treated ourselves to a fancy date: a steak dinner at CUT by Wolfgang Puck. A week after that, we had a post-anniversary celebration: we went to see Les Misérables at the Esplanade Theatre.

I was certainly looking forward to seeing the actual musical theatre production, since seeing the movie a few years ago.  I have to say, it didn’t disappoint! All the main cast were amazing, and Patrice Tipoki’s take on Fantine was refreshing.

The stage of Les Miserables, taken during a break.
The stage of Les Misérables show at the Esplanade Theatre, taken during a break.


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My 2015 Reading Challenge

Reading was one of my personal goals for 2015, and Goodreads‘ Reading Challenge was a great way to keep track. I kept it very realistic, considering how much time I actually can spare myself after work, kids, and keeping a healthy relationship with my husband (read: dates). I decided to set a goal of 12 books for the year, which means I need to read at least 1 book a month. Thankfully, I completed the challenge successfully.

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Just Watched: Breakfast at Tiffany’s [SPOILERS]

It is iconic, this image of this elegant-looking lady in a little black dress, pearls around her neck, bun atop her head, sunglasses over her eyes. Everyone knows who she is: she’s Audrey Hepburn, and it’s from her role in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Unfortunately, this image was all I knew about the movie, and so I decided to watch the movie.

Before you proceed, please take note that what follows below are my own personal opinions, and is not in any way intended to be a movie review. If anything, it’s a personal reaction.

Movie poster for "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
Movie poster for “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”


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