Jan 2017 Movie Report

Going to the cinema is often the how we spend date nights. This January, we had the opportunity to watch the following films.

  1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Movie (IMDB)
    I am by no means a Star Wars fanatic (I haven’t watched Episode 5 and Episode 6), but I am interested in watching all the films from this franchise.
  2. Passengers (IMDB)
    When we saw the trailers for this movie, we genuinely thought it was going to be a sci-fi thriller, but it turned out to be more romance than we anticipated.
  3. La La Land (IMDB)
    Because of all the awards. More my choice than his.
  4. xXx: Return of Xander Cage (IMDB)
    Obviously not my choice of film, but since he humoured my request to watch La La Land, I consented to this one. I didn’t watch the original film, but I was still able to understand most of it.


I actually wanted to watch one more film, Arrival, but I can’t get him to agree on this one.


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