The thing(s) about blogging (a.k.a. why my blogs are dead)

It’s been months since I blogged. I keep more than one, but I hardly update them.

The thing about blogging is that it takes commitment and work. And I am terribly lazy.

I realized that the only reason I liked to “blog” in my college years was mostly because I wanted to keep on redesigning my personal website. But once that’s done, the blogging slacks off. So I was more of a web designer than a real content generator (back then, at least).

Content generation takes an awful lot of work. Writing is one thing, photo editing is another. In fact, for my now-defunct travel blog, photo editing was 90% of the work. It was so time consuming, I hated doing it.

Is that why your travel blog is now dead?

Photo editing, though, is only one of three reasons why I stopped travel blogging altogether. Second reason is that I don’t travel as often as other people do. The third and final reason is that I hated answering questions (comments) from people who obviously did not understand my blog or didn’t even bother to read the article. Not that I get a lot of traffic (I’m not actively trying to market my blog or anything like that), but I do get the occasional comment where I was asked for packages and rates (I am not a business owner! Hello!).

Yes, even infrequent comments set me off and reduced my drive to blog. If you know me in real life, this won’t be surprising. I’m easily irritable.

But what about your personal blog, where you hardly get any comments?

My personal blog (yes, this one) has become very quiet, mostly because I’ve evolved into a very private person. It might be a sign of aging; but then when I look at my Facebook feed and see a bunch of older folks treat Facebook like it’s their personal journal, I know age has nothing to do with it.

In my college years, I did treat my personal blog as a sort of personal journal. I posted my innermost thoughts without hesitation. I may even have written people’s real names, I’m not sure. It was a time when doing this had very little consequence. Heck, Facebook wasn’t even popular back then. The only people who would be reading my blog would be people in my immediate circle (to whom these posts would only be mildly interesting) or random strangers.

Now, life has changed. I am employed, I have a family, and more people (almost everyone!) has online presence (thanks Facebook). Posting personal thoughts is very risky. I’m not sure I’d want my aunts (who are on Facebook) or my  future employer(s) reading about my rants and existential crises.

Yes, I need to censor myself. No more emotional unloading on the internet.

What about posts on safe stuff, like books or food?

I have decided I’m still free to write about books I’ve read this year (I plan to post about overachieving in my Goodreads reading challenge) or movies I’ve seen. The only deterrent is my procrastination.

So why are you even bothering to write this post?

Well, because this is my personal blog, and I want to.

So there.


3 thoughts on “The thing(s) about blogging (a.k.a. why my blogs are dead)

  1. [quote]I’m easily irritable[/quote] – undeniable 😛

    I rarely post rants on Facebook as well. Got tired of it. I usually just share posts that are interesting or funny.

    1. Haha! It is undeniable indeed.

      On rants and such, I think sharing serious thoughts and opinions on the internet has evolved considerably. I used to consider it as a “safe place” — anonymity, you know. But it can also backfire in a huge way, with trolls and hackers and cyberbullying.

      My usage of Facebook has now been reduced to sharing photos and videos of my family. I only ever ‘like’ posts related to political issues I feel strongly about. I have no intent on engaging people in “intelligent” discussions. It’s futile. Confirmation bias. Facebook is stressful nowadays IMO.

      You’ve done a great job of keeping your blog updated though. I wish I had your discipline. My blog(s) are seriously neglected for months at a time.

      1. Same here, I don’t want to engage in such discussions as most people are overshadowed by their biases that they can’t even admit in-your-face facts.

        I just often force myself to write new posts. Sometimes if I’m lucky I can find some free time and I also have something to write about.

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