Musicals and I

Recently, my husband and I had our 5th year wedding anniversary. On the day itself, we treated ourselves to a fancy date: a steak dinner at CUT by Wolfgang Puck. A week after that, we had a post-anniversary celebration: we went to see Les Misérables at the Esplanade Theatre.

I was certainly looking forward to seeing the actual musical theatre production, since seeing the movie a few years ago.  I have to say, it didn’t disappoint! All the main cast were amazing, and Patrice Tipoki’s take on Fantine was refreshing.

The stage of Les Miserables, taken during a break.
The stage of Les Misérables show at the Esplanade Theatre, taken during a break.


I wasn’t a particularly cultured kid. My first exposure to musical theatre was when Miss Saigon came to Manila and our high school Music teacher was so caught into the frenzy, that it became our topic for class. We all had cassette tapes of the recordings of the songs, and so we had to listen to all the songs and learn the story.  I remember one particular exam day, where we had to listen to clips from the songs and identify the song title.

When I moved to Singapore, I had more opportunity to watch more musical theatre productions. I hope they come back again! Here are the ones I was able to watch:

  1. The Lion King (2011)
  2. Wicked (2011)
  3. Avenue Q (2012)
  4. Grease (2014)
  5. The Sound of Music (2014)
  6. Beauty and the Beast (2015)
  7. Les Misérables (2016)

I’m still mad at myself for letting Phantom of the Opera pass me twice (I would’ve watched it in 2013 had I not been pregnant and near my due date). I hope they come back again, and I hope we get to watch even more musicals in the future!


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