Inspiration and Motivation: Arlene Sy-Salva

In my What? page, I mentioned that I used to draw, write, read, and play the piano. With the except of the last one, most of my hobbies are things I picked up due to influence from people around me. I am blessed to have been surrounded by amazing, talented people — and in my awe of their greatness, I am inspired and motivated to be as good as they are. They are my idols.

I think I have found my latest idol. Seeing her works makes me want to go to and buy myself some pencils again. Meet Arlene Sy-Salva.

Portrait of a baby, using watercolor. By Arlene Sy-Salva.
Artwork by Arlene Sy-Salva. Isn’t it gorgeous? I want one too for my baby.

Her style is so delicate and dreamy, I can’t even form a coherent paragraph on how her art makes me go ‘awwww’ inside.

Check out her website,, for more of her work!

"Emily" by Arlene-Sy-Salva
“Emily” by Arlene-Sy-Salva
"Red Ribbons" by Arlene Sy-Salva
“Red Ribbons” by Arlene Sy-Salva

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