The Movie I Dreaded: Schindler’s List

At the start of the year, I made a goal to watch 10 movies from the IMDB Top 250 list. To be honest, I kind of put it off (Hello, October!) because I was so scared that the movies would be terribly depressing. I make an exception for Criminal Minds, but I digress.

Of the 10 movies in the list, the ones that scare me the most are war movies. So you can imagine how long Schindler’s List was just sitting there, very much available, waiting for me to muster up the resolve to brave through it.

Schindler's List movie poster
Schindler’s List movie poster. Source:

Last night, I finally watched it. To my surprise, I actually liked it. I really did. Perhaps it helped that I already knew of the horrible crimes before watching the film, so it helped me prepare for watching it. I liked it so much that I started reading up on trivia about the movie immediately after watching it.

I feel such a sense of accomplishment after crossing it off the list. It’s not too late. I can still finish the list before the year ends. I know it.


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