Braving the waters: using the DicaPac waterproof camera case

Before we begin, I’d like to make one thing clear: I am NOT getting paid, rewarded, or getting any benefit at all from making this post. I paid for this item, and I am here to say that I am happy I bought it.

Me and my friend Jesse. I am the girl on the right, with my DSLR camera inside the Dicapac waterproof case. That’s my husband’s arm to my right.

See, we were going on a trip to Phuket, Thailand, and we were also going to the Phi Phi Island for some snorkeling and stuff. I don’t own any camera other than my Nikon D3100, and I figured that buying Dicapac’s underwater case was much much cheaper than buying a new underwater digital camera.

So I ordered this online from the local supplier, and tested it as soon as I got it. I put in one of the oil control films inside the case, sealed the case, then submerged it into a pail. Pushed it down, kept it down, tried tinkering with the part where you can put your finger in to press the shutter. Guess what? The film stayed dry.

The oil control film inside the waterproof case stayed dry
The Dicapac waterproof case home test: the film inside stayed dry!

Time to test it in the open sea. Here’s the evidence: all photos taken with the camera inside the waterproof case:

Maya Bay
While snorkeling
Bamboo Beach

I’m sure you’d be wondering, would it survive actually going under the water? Here’s your answer:

Yes you can hear my embarassing panic holler. I was overwhelmed by the proximity of the many yellow fish swarming towards my friend.

The verdict? I’m MORE than happy. It not only kept my camera dry, but it also produced clear images! I kept the camera inside the case throughout the whole island hopping tour, and I still got fantastic photos and videos! Absolutely no haze or blur.

I love it! Bring the beach on! Me and my camera are not scared!


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