Recently, I noticed that a lot of couples who got married last year are now having babies. All these babies are/ would be Dragon babies, according to the Chinese Zodiac. According to the Chinese people I know, Dragon is a particularly desirable animal year.

It’s a 3D dragon jutting out of the wall. Photo taken by myself at the Đền Quán Thán in Hanoi, Vietnam.

This made me wonder, what’s so great about being a dragon baby? One of my brothers was born in 1988, thereby making him a dragon baby, and I’m not so sure what’s that done for him. So I checked the ever reliable Wikipedia, and here’s what it says about people born in the year of the dragon: stately, self-assured, intellectual. Yep, that’s definitely not my brother.

By then my curiosity was on a high. And so I checked my own zodiac, the year of the ox: dependable (check!), ambitious (check!), patient — ok, there you go. I am most certainly lacking of patience. It’s confirmed: the Chinese zodiac doesn’t hold true.

P.S. — Of course I know it’s not true, but I wanted to check anyway.


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