Death of a blog (Why I deleted Project Salamat)

Yes, I am ashamed to say, I failed in one of my goals for 2012:

  1. Start a gratitude journal and write down 1 Thank You every day

And we’re not even at the half-point of the year! Shame, shame.

I think that at some point, my Project 366 (simple no-frills photoblog) and my gratitude journal were getting a bit redundant. I end up using the same photos, or just talk about the same thing, on two different blogs. I mean, how much exciting can a single working day get, for you to be able to post two different things in the same day?

At this point, I decided that, to hell with it, I am dropping this and I will be deleting this blog. Yes, delete the blog.

Some people may ask, why delete it? Why not just leave it alone? Well, I am terribly annoyed at defunct blogs wasting a good subdomain name. Yes, it’s a pet peeve. See, I’ve encountered this terrible problem where I rack my brain for a wonderful, meaningful subdomain name — and it turns out to be taken already by a blog since, say, 2006, which doesn’t even have a single post aside from the default “Hello, world”.

I swear, it’s annoying! You can’t believe how many of those dead blogs there are on I feel sorry for the thousands of people like me who are victimized by the perfectly-good-but-taken subdomain names.

So, to avoid being a cause of distress myself, I willingly gave up Project Salamat. I deleted it, and the name is now available for anyone to use.

I hope whoever picks it up, keeps it going (and not dead!).


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