Yes, I watched Notting Hill only now.

Yes, I admit. I have never watched Notting Hill until recently. I just knew that it starred Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, and had that famous line, “I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her.”


I have to confess, though, that I did not like it.

I know I might get some hate for saying this. I know my husband couldn’t understand why I didn’t like it. But I have to say, I really didn’t. Honestly.

I think that the root of it was that I didn’t buy the story. I didn’t find it believable that it was really just about a boy and a girl falling in love. I wasn’t convinced that William Thatcher saw Anna Scott as more than just that famous actress, or that Anna Scott really fell in love with William Thatcher.

In fact, I find it more believable that Anna Scott was ego-centric and couldn’t stand that William Thatcher lost interest in her. I mean, look at that famous line. It’s a girl asking a boy to love her. It’s not a girl telling a boy that she loves him.

On another note, that’s one off the list of classic romance movies I haven’t watched (which by the way includes Ghost). If anyone is reading this, please do suggest your favorite romance movies, because there’s a good chance I haven’t watched it yet. Hopefully they would have better impact on me than Notting Hill did.


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