Today I finished my first book for 2012

Today, I finished my first book for 2012: Isabel Allende’s The Infinite Plan. Isabel Allende has long been my favorite author, since one of my classmates in college introduced me to her work through The House of the Spirits. The Infinite Plan was different from all the rest of her work that I’ve read before, because the protagonist is an American and the novel is set in the United States.

Isabel Allende's "The Infinite Plan"
Isabel Allende's "The Infinite Plan"

Okay, so maybe this doesn’t count for some people since I started reading this in 2011, but I finished it on January 2, 2012. I have one other unfinished read — Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs.


2 thoughts on “Today I finished my first book for 2012

  1. The Infinite Plan by Isabel Allende is a fictionalized account of her husband’s life before they met. It is one man’s journey through life starting in the 1950s roaming the West and continuing with his improbable success following his teen years in the barrio of East Los Angeles. In recounts in vivid detail his stint in Vietnam and the nightmares that followed, what we now label post traumatic stress disorder. Following two failed marriages and a successful career as an associate of a white shoe law firm, he finally was able to confront and at last banish the devils that tormented him. I loved this book.

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