Accidental Discovery: Is the Train-Terminating-at-Yew-Tee a ruse?

Going home from work, I get on the MRT at Boon Lay (green line) and switch to the red line at Jurong East station. When I took this route for the first time, I was overwhelmed with how many people actually board the red line from this station. The train was so full, you can’t even find something to grab onto! And this is the starting point of the trip! From then on, I always made sure that I am standing next to the door right before getting on, to make sure I’m sitting down all throughout the trip.

Yesterday, I was in such a hurry that I didn’t notice that the train boarded was terminating at Yew Tee. I only noticed the lights on the map inside once I was happily sitting down and the train left the station already, so I told myself I’ll just get off at the next station and make a round trip.

Light flashing map inside Singapore MRT
I wasn't able to take a snapshot, so just imagine that the red line is lit up only from Jurong East to Yew Tee, and all other lights are off. Photo taken from

I missed the next stop, Bukit Batok. I stole a quick look back at the light flashing map (or whatever it’s called), and was surprised that all the lights are now on, all the way to Marina Bay!

Was this a ruse that the MRT operators do regulary? Do they do it so that there’s a few trains that leave Jurong East which are not full? I wonder if I discovered this secret by accident.


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