Fat and Rambling

Four months after the wedding and I’m back in my pre-engagement shape; round face and tighter pants.  If that was not enough confirmation, my wedding ring is also starting to strangle my finger.

I am aware, I acknowledge the truth; I am getting fat. Again. And I do want to lose it, I really do. Shopping for clothes is depressing when your bulge is visible.

The problem: how to go about losing all the excess weight.

First point of concern: diet. Office lunches are limited to the confines of the cafeteria, with the exception of occasional trips to the nearest mall (which would eat up a good 1.5hrs). The cafeteria menu itself is quite limited too. Other than repeating the same options over and over again, it also offers no ‘light’ option. I could not apply the “steamed food only” technique I used to get into my wedding-dress shape. The only thing I really could do is reduce my rice intake, and of course this is not enough to get the effect I want…

…Which brings us to the second point of concern: exercise. Although I am currently committed to spending $99 every month on yoga subscription, finding time to actually attend classes is the challenge. Ideally, I’d be going every morning before work. However, given my lengthy shower+prep time and the long ride to work, the morning yoga plan is not quite feasible.  After-work yoga so far has been a no-go as well, due to, well, work!

This leaves me to weekend workouts. When lucky, I can squeeze in two classes on a Saturday, like today — a Pilates class and a Hot Yoga class — and another Hot Yoga session on Sunday. The sad thing is that the inconsistency with which I attend Hot Yoga leaves my skills very much still a beginner’s, even though I’ve been a member since April or so… My balance is weak, my flexibility is weak, and my stamina is weak. No improvement whatsoever.

I’m digressing. I am rambling, really. I am writing like I used to write in my personal diary — straight from the train of thoughts in my head. There’s no structure to this, just a steady flow of words.

I’m getting fat, I’m finding difficulty shedding it, and I’m rambling about it. Great.


2 thoughts on “Fat and Rambling

  1. One remedy for the food is a home-made lunch. Disadvantage is that you might have to wake up a bit earlier to prepare them, but at least you get to eat something healthy.

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