Heartstrings has to be one of the most disappointing Korean dramas I’ve ever watched. It seemed so promising in the teasers, but I ended up just waiting for something incredible which never happened.

Heartstrings Promotional Poster
Taken from Wikipedia.org

What I liked:

  1. The idea of Park Shin Hye and C.N.Blue frontman Jung Yong Hwa together again after You’re Beautiful. When I watched this drama, I fell in love with Yong Hwa. I wanted them to end up together, but of course, eyeliner guy gets the gurl.

    Go Mi Nam x Kang Shin Woo (You're Beautiful)
    This is one of my favorite scenes, which ironically also crushed my heart at the end of it. Stills taken from Crunchyroll.com forums.
  2. The teasers/trailers
  3. The song sung by C.N. Blue dummer Kang Min Hyuk 
  4. The opening song sung by Jung Yong Hwa 
What I absolutely hated:
  1. The stupid story. Ugh, I totally hated how it was written. It was a love story, but how they fell in love is such a mystery. I was like… what happened?!? It didn’t draw me in. I didn’t get moved.
  2. The acting. It’s supposed to be comedic, I get that. Sometimes it’s ok (meaning I don’t have an opinion on it, which is a good sign). Other times though, it’s seriously annoying. Like these extra’s faces.

    The 3 Stooges? I know they're supposed to be annoying, but they're too annoying!
  3. The “sexy” dancing by skinny folks (Woo Ri as Han Hee Joo and Park Shin Hye as Lee Kyu Won). It’s not sexy, not even close. It’s disturbing. My eyes are always drawn to those frail limbs, I feel like they’re going to snap anytime.
  4. So Yi Hyun‘s nose. Seriously, it bothered me so much especially in the first few episodes. I felt like I was looking up her nostrils and almost seeing her brain all the time.
    Still of actress So Yi Hyun as Jung Yoon Soo from the Korean drama Heartstrings. Even from side view, it looks like her nostrils are a portal to another world. Photo c/o IMBC.com



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