Lost & Found experience in Singapore

Two days ago, I lost my EZ-Link card somewhere between  Clarke Quay MRT  and Yio Chu Kang MRT. I was able to get into the MRT at Clarke Quay station, which means I had it then. But when I got off at Yio Chu Kang station, I couldn’t tap out. My card was not in my bag, nor was it in my pocket. I lost it.

I froze. It wasn’t just the ez-link card. In the same cardholder, I also had my employment pass card, my gate pass to our condominium, and my True Yoga temporary membership card (although the last is totally replaceable).

Immediately, I reported this loss to the Yio Chu Kang MRT Passenger Service booth. I listed the items that were missing, and I gave my name and phone number. The attendant told me that they will send an email to other stations and that someone will call me when they find it. After that I went out and picked a spot just outside the station to further rummage by bag to triple- and quadruple-check its contents.

No more than 10 minutes have passed when I got a call from Clarke Quay MRT. They have my card and everything inside it! Immediately I went back to Clarke Quay, and as soon as I get to their Passenger Service booth — I got it back.

If it were Manila, it would’ve been good as lost already. It amazes me that:

  1. Somebody found it and gave it fully intact to the proper authorities, all within 40 minutes
  2. The authorities were so efficient in their coordination, that they were able to contact me within 10 minutes of reporting the loss.

Thank you to the honest person who picked up my cardholer.

Thank you to the efficient employees of SMRT.



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