Trying Not to Turn This Into A Wedding Blog

Go with who you are and do it unabashedly, don’t apologize, don’t agonize, live into it.

Source: Wedding Overexposure, A Practical Wedding

Since getting engaged, I’ve been immersed too much into a wide variety wedding magazines and blogs, both local and foreign. The whole exercise was primarily meant to  inspire me in planning our own wedding, but often I just end up being disappointed about not having a huge enough budget to be able to afford the top-of-the-line vendors in the industry. Add to that the pressure of my sister and my mother, who both want to be “involved” although being in another country — it’s too much to handle. I am serious when I say I have come to the point where I doubted all the decisions I’ve made so far, and wanted to give up and let someone else plan the whole wedding for me.

The website A Practical may have saved my soul. It gave me back my sanity. It takes a step back from all the trends and the pretty — and helps women deal with dilemmas of reality, from the engagement to the planning to the big day and through to marriage. It may seem wordy at first, but later I learned to rely on these words to give me peace of mind when I really need it.

This post says it all:

Take a moment to think about what wedding magazines you are reading, what wedding blogs you are reading, what images you are consuming. If they are making you feel good about yourself and your decisions, and giving you inspiration and energy, keep reading them! But if you find yourself thinking, “Those brides are out of my league” or “I’m never going to live up to that” or “I’m just not that chic” or “Oh my god, we’re so not doing this right” or “I really want this simple quick wedding, and I guess that’s impossible.” Then step back. Because you are amazing. And you’re going to do it your way, and that is so much better than doing it someone elses way.

Source: What Happened With I Stopped Reading Wedding Blogs, A Practical Wedding


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