My First MC

In Singapore, sick leaves are called MC (medical certificate). My guess is that because you cannot take a medical leave without a medical certificate. You must go to a clinic and have yourself checked by a doctor, in order to claim a day for rest. Note though that it may also happen that the doctor will not give you an MC.

My first MC
1 day MC and 4 different meds!

I had been feeling a little sick since Saturday, and I’ve been taking Panadol since Sunday. But this morning, it felt worse than yesterday! I felt like I had a fever, I had cough, I had runny nose, and I had a headache. Ugh!

So with a bit of urging from my beau, I decided to visit the clinic across the street from the office. The turnout? 1 day of rest + 4 different meds.

4 meds!!!



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