Must see

Lunch with the officemates is never boring. Somehow we always come up with something interesting that keeps us talking until our lunch time runs out and we are forced to go back to the office.

For today, it was about travelling.

Soaring above some Philippines islands
Captured aboard an airplane flying from Manila to Puerto Princesa, Philippines


Just not a beach girl / Just a beach girl

My team lead C is not a fan of the beach. We are surprised by each other. She is amazed at how I would spend money and days relaxing on the beach instead of maximizing it on sightseeing. I, in turn, cannot fathom why she just won’t go to the beach during summer (which is absolutely the perfect time to go to the beach).


Today’s lunch topic inspired me to list my top 5 places to visit, before I start forgetting my own name.

1 – Maldives

Maldives. Photo from

Ah, it just takes my breath away. If we just had the money, we’d definitely go here for our honeymoon. I love everything about it! It truly is my dream honeymoon.
2 – South Africa

White Shark Diving in South Africa
White Shark Diving in South Africa. Photo from

Simply because of the white shark diving adventure! I know it’s dangerous, and I know I’ll be freaking-out scared when I get there — but I still want to go!

3 – New York

New York - Statue of Liberty
New York. Photo from

I’ve been to the USA a couple of times already, but always in the West Coast since my family is there. But there’s just something that tells me that I haven’t really been to the US if I haven’t been to NY.

4 – Paris

Paris. Photo from

Ah, they say it’s the most romantic city. It’s a definite must on the list.
5 – Egypt

Egypt. Photo from

This one was sort of a wildcard. I really cannot pinpoint what draws me to it. Is it the desert? The historic pyramids? The camels? Yeah, must be the camels.

– Tokyo (must see life-size Gundam!)
– ASEAN tour (backpacking, maybe?)
– India (Taj Majal)
– Spain (and, well, the rest of Europe)
– China (Great Wall)


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